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The Showing Register TSR 

Qualifier for TSR NAF Five Star Showing Finals
TSR NAF Five Star Showing Finals – This show is a  qualifier for the 2020 TSR  NAF Five Star Showing Finals. Qualify and enter ANY of the  Finals Central, East Anglia, North West, North East, South East, South, Wales & South West or Scottish. You Do Not have to be a TSR member to qualify or enter a final. The Rider/Handler qualifies and can enter any horse/pony in any number of Finals!
TSR NAF Five Star Riders Finals  – 1st & 2nd riders qualify and will receive a qualification flyer in the ring.
TSR NAF Five Star In Hand Finals – The two highest placed Handlers with a TSR In Hand sheet will qualify in any In Hand class. Handlers  MUST have their sheet signed in the ring by the judge/steward, cards are available FREE from the TSR website.  Full details at http://www.theshowingregister.co.uk/

Equifest & BSHA Intro Championships – With a TSR qualification flyer you can also enter Equifest 19-22 Aug at Peterbrough www.equifest.org.uk & the BSHA Intro Champs in Sept at Addington Equestrian Centre – You do not have to be a BSHA member to qualify or enter the final. See http://www.britishshowhorse.org

TSR Medal Awards – TSR members can collect qualification cards & signatures and redeem for a TSR Medal see TSR website for details.



It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to obtain a qualification card prior to competing in an Equifest qualifier. Qualification cards can be sent out free of charge to exhibitors upon request.

Please email (jenny@eastofenglandarena.com) or telephone (01733 363500) Jenny Needham, with your name and postal address details, and we will send the card to you by return.

No membership or registration is required in order to compete at Equifest.  Completed qualification cards should accompany the entries for the Equifest Championship classes.